We’re passionate about making home management simple

HomeKey saves homeowners time, money, and headaches so they can enjoy the more important things in life.



It’s time for a simple way to maintain, sell, and buy homes.

We started HomeKey as homeowners, frustrated by the fact that we didn’t have the information we needed to perform simple home maintenance tasks. What size is that filter? Where’s that receipt? Who last serviced my AC unit? How do I clean this thing? And the ever-popular “What color is that paint? – Who knows!”

We realized that with all the talk of smart homes these days, our homes really aren’t that smart. Our homes can’t tell us anything about themselves, and what little information we do have is hard to find.  Never mind trying to share this information or pass it down to the next homeowner.

And so, we set out to design the kind of homeowner experience we all want. One that’s simple and easy, benefiting everyone who touches the home: builders, owners, real estate agents, and contractors.  An experience that improves the lifestyle of homeowners for generations to come.


To inform, simplify and make home management easy for homeowners and everyone who touches the home throughout its lifetime.

HomeKey Leadership Team

Ambitious, innovative, and determined to get things done. 

Shane Ettestad

Co-founder & CEO

James Carr

Co-founder & CPO

Rick Stanzione

VP of Operations

Amy Gillis

Director of Product Management

Our values


Do the right thing – in our actions, our words, and in our work.


To each other, our customers, and our families.


Because the details matter.

Passionately Innovative

Be fearless and learn from your mistakes.

Family Culture

Serve, love, and develop the people around us.


Because everyone should have the opportunity to live and feel safe in a home.